Business Management

UMI's Business Management Services division has been providing financial and cost analysis support to government and commercial organizations since 1994.

The scope of the business management projects we have managed ranges from multi-million dollar projects with a variety of skills and locations to projects with one or two specialists assigned. We have the capability to provide staff to support long-term requirements as well as the ability to provide highly qualified technical experts to support short term special projects.

UMI has a wide variety of business management services and consulting expertise. We got our start in 1994 providing cost estimating, Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV), cost trade studies, and cost/schedule/budget support for a major US Army weapon system, the Crusader self-propelled howitzer. Since that time we have been providing cost estimating; cost analysis; budget development, review, assessment, and update; financial performance tracking; earned value analysis; risk analysis; and records research and analysis to numerous state agencies, federal organizations, and commercial partners.

UMI has the experience and expertise available to meet a wide range of cost and financial management needs. We have the expertise available to support short and long term assignments on any size project.

Our Services include: