Contract Vehicles

Women-Owned Small Business 8(m) Program

WOSB Logo The Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Program went into effect on February 4, 2011 and is administered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). The purpose is to ensure that women-owned small businesses have an equal opportunity to participate in Federal contracting and to help attain the government’s goal of awarding 5% of its prime contract dollars to WOSBs. A contacting officer may set aside a requirement for WOSB if:

  • The North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) code assigned to the solicitation, invitation for bid, or quote is an industry in which SBA has designated that WOSBs are substantially underrepresented.
  • The contracting officer has a reasonable expectation that two or more WOSBs will submit offers. This is sometimes referred to the “rule of two”.
  • In the estimation of the contracting officer, the contract can be awarded at a fair and reasonable price.

There are no caps on set-aside award size for WOSBs.

For more information on the WOSB 8(m) Program and a complete list of NAICS codes, please see The Compliance Guide to the WOSB Program.pdf

GSA Schedule for Financial and Business Solutions, (FABS)

GSA Contract Logo Contract Number: GS-23F- 0045W. Schedule for FABS. SIN 520 13, Complementary Financial Management Services. This Multiple Award Schedule provides Federal agencies with direct access to commercial experts that can thoroughly address the needs of the Federal financial community. FABS not only gives you access to a multitude of professional financial services, but also provides you with the ability to customize the services to meet your specific needs. The FABS schedule allows for choice, flexibility, ease-of-use and access to quality firms in the financial arena. Complementary Financial Management Services - Assess and improve financial management systems, financial reporting and analysis, strategic financial planning, financial policy formulation and development. Devise and implement performance measures, conduct special cost studies, perform actuarial services, perform economic and regulatory analysis, assist with financial quality assurance efforts, perform benchmarking.


Technical Services US Air Force - Subcontractor for Northrop Grumman Technical Services

In late 2009, UMI was awarded the Warner Robins – Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC) Technical Data Systems and Data Management Support subcontract with NGTS to support the 584 CBSS/GBHAC Technical Data Branch. UMI provides technical support services to operate and maintain WR-ALC technical data hardware and software infrastructure and to aid government customers in managing technical data activities/products. The focus is on technical and functional support in the development and execution of digital data support and transformation strategies and processes; and facilitating transition of technical data systems functionality and data to Air Force enterprise-level systems currently in various stages of development and/or implementation.

Trust Accounting & Litigation for Office of Historical Trust Accounting (OHTA)

UMI was awarded the Youpee Escheat and Special Deposit Account (SDA) Distribution Project in July of 2013. Youpee Escheat accounts were created to collect trust funds escheated to the tribe per the Indian Land Consolidation Act (ILCA) that went into effect in 1983. In 1997 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the U.S. District Courts decision that the escheat provision of ILCA was unconstitutional and that the funds held should be returned to the beneficiaries. SDAs were created as temporary holding accounts for the deposit of trust funds that could not immediately be distributed to the beneficiaries. The purpose of this project is to research Youpee Escheat and Special Deposit Accounts and distribute the funds held in both types of accounts to the rightful owners.

UMI has been providing services to OHTA since 2002, shortly after OHTA was created. UMI has been providing assistance on the SDA project since 2002, Tribal Litigation support since 2007, and Youpee Escheat Accounts distribution project since 2013. UMI’s objective for this and all OHTA projects is to support OHTA in meeting its goals and objectives in completing an accurate and equitable accounting of Individual Indian Monies (IIM) Trust Fund and Tribal Trust Fund accounts.

Office of Trust Records (OTR) American Indian Records Repository (AIRR) Conservator Services

UMI continues to support OTR and the American Indian Records Repository (AIRR) Conservation Services Project by providing program management and conservation services for document recovery and preservation. UMI was first awarded the prime contract in 2009 to provide this support for OTR, furthering their mission to safeguard and preserve records created by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST), and Tribal organizations. Our staff works with records that have been exposed to undesirable conditions and environments that jeopardize their physical stability. UMI was chosen because we have earned a reputation of expertise in the management, preservation and conservation of Trust and non-Trust documents due to our many years of experience in handling American Indian records and documents.