International Association for Continuing Education and Training


IACET's mission is to promote and enhance quality in continuing education and training through research, education, and the development and continuous improvement of IACET criteria, principles, and standards. The organization is an accredited Standards Developing Organization by the American Standards Institute (ANSI) and is an authorizing body for education providers that meet the American National Standard for continuing education and training (ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard). The IACET standard is what learners seek for quality and is the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide.

IACET Authorized Providers complete a comprehensive application and undergo a strict evaluation of their educational processes according to the ANSI/IACET 2007 Standards including two document reviews of the extensive application and a site visit. The standards represent a systematic approach to learning and measure all aspects of an educational provider's program development from organization and planning through post-event evaluation. IACET CEUs are accepted by hundreds of private organizations, universities, and Federal, state and local government entities including the DOD Defense Acquisition University.

The ANSI/IACET Standards measure all aspects of an educational provider's program development. IACET Authorized Providers have demonstrated that their programs meet ten nationally-recognized Standards. Here is an overview of the Standards and the aspect each evaluates:

  • Standard 1: Continuing Education and Training Organization
  • Standard 2: Responsibility and Control
  • Standard 3: The Learning Environment and Support Systems
  • Standard 4: Learning Event Planning
  • Standard 5: Learning Outcomes
  • Standard 6: Planning and Instructional Personnel
  • Standard 7: Content and Instructional Methods
  • Standard 8: Assessment of Learning Outcomes
  • Standard 9: System for Awarding CEUs and Maintaining Learner Records
  • Standard 10: Program Evaluation

As an IACET Authorized Provider, Upper Mohawk, Inc. offers trainees and their sponsoring organizations the assurance of participating in a quality education program while earning valuable CEUs which reflect strong procedural and research-based standards.