Price Based Acquisition Services

The key to an effective price-based acquisition (PBA) strategy lies within the context of conducting market research in order to determine if customer requirements can be met through commercial item acquisition. We must now implement new methods and utilize modern tools to conduct price analysis instead of requesting detailed cost information. Another aspect of a sound PBA strategy is to establish an effective concentration of buying power, including instituting efficient purchasing strategies.

The ultimate objective of the UMI Team is to provide "best value" solutions for our customers. The UMI Team is committed to support our customers in the area of market research and analysis and PBA in order to determine the availability and utility of commercial products to satisfy customer needs and requirements. The following addresses our process, methods and tools that the UMI Team will use to make price reasonableness determinations.

Some of the PBA success criteria include:

  • Effective PBA process and data collection
  • Implementation of techniques to ensure "Best economic value"
  • Commercial pricing practices
  • Use of market research information
  • Review and assessment of historical pricing techniques
  • Comparative pricing techniques
  • Parametric pricing methodologies

Some methods to ensure "Best Economic Value" include:

  • Expand the use of commercial item solutions and the adoption of commercial practices in support of warfighter needs.
  • Support the use and conduct of price-based acquisition strategies including the development and deployment of training and tools.
  • Integrate the technical, contracting, and program management functions in the conduct of market research.

The UMI Team supports the activities inherent to these objectives. These activities include requirements definition, risk assessment, development of acquisition strategies, execution of price-based acquisitions, subcontractor source selection, and risk mitigation. The UMI Team possesses substantial experience in all these activities.